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Use Mobicomsucesso to retain , retarget and re-engage your mobile app users.

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Success is a numbers game. Are you winning?

Connecting with new users is just the beginning. Re-engagement campaigns keep your brand front and center and build lasting relationships with your best customers.

Why Mobile App Retargeting Matters:


Higher Retention Rates


Average App Retention
rate in 2019


Uplift in Revenue


Users never make
a purchase


More In-App Actions


Users Churn
within 90 days

Life is full of journeys. Few are worth remembering.

Find new users

Reduce cart abandonment

Personalize customer experiences

Increase conversion rates

Stay connected

Drive 2x more conversions when running a reengagement campaign with Mobicomsucesso:

Mobicomsucesso uses rich dynamic templates for all banner and native ads. With enhanced product images for mobile, you know your ad will stand out and apart every time.

Mobicomsucesso uses CPM/CPC for brand awareness, dynamic CPA/ROAS for performance, and continuously optimizes creative to test and improve results.

Mobicomsucesso focuses on granular audience segmentation and real-time data processing to understand how an ad is performing at any given second.

Mobile App Retargeting Campaign Success Stories

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Tracking performance is easy. Integrated with all major attribution partners.

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